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The kitchen is open 7 days

Monday to Thursday – 4:30pm to 9:30pm
Friday & Saturday – 12pm to 3:30pm, 4:30 to 9:30pm
Sunday – 12pm to 3:30pm, 4:30pm to 8:30pm


  • Tuesday Night Bonza Burgers - all burgers off our menus only $15
  • Goats cheese, silverbeet & pistachio filo tart w watercress & pickled red onion (v)$14
  • Smoked salmon w dill & saffron cream, pickled radishes & crostini (gf*)$17
  • Chorizo burger: chorizo pattie in a toasted brioche bun w house-made chimichurri, goat's cheese & fresh rocket$19
  • Corn & edamame succotash salad w cherry tomatoes, feta & lemon vinaigrette (gf) (VG*) Add grilled chicken or crispy tofu $3$18/$21
  • SOLD OUT - Slow baked rosemary lamb shoulder w crispy potatoes, pecorino, fennel & red pepper salsa (gf)$27
  • Roasted chicken supreme w roasted sweet potatoes, brie, pear & rocket salad & cranberry sauce (gf)$27
  • Warm raspberry & white chocolate blondie w dark chocolate soil, vanilla ice cream & edible flower$15

Small Plates

  • Halloumi fries w smoky baba ghanoush, red pepper & walnut dip (v)$14
  • Duck katsu croquettes w bulldog sauce & pickled plum$15
  • Crispy tofu and shiitake lettuce cups w cashews, fried shallots, fresh herbs & soy dressing (VG)(gf)$14
  • Buffalo popcorn chicken w blue cheese sauce & celery$15

Big Plates

  • Buckwheat noodle salad w crispy tempeh, snap peas, mint, peanut furikake & sweet sesame dressing (VG) Add grilled chicken or crispy tofu $3$21/$24
  • Roasted cauliflower steak w macadamia nut puree, cous cous, pickled raisins, grapes & parsley (VG)(gf*)$22
  • Chicken parma w smoked ham, napoli & cheddar served w chips & mixed leaf salad $25
  • Pan roasted market fish fillet w feta, farro, blistered cherry tomatoes & anchoiade sauce (gf*)$29
  • Prosciutto wrapped kangaroo loin w parmesan potatoes & a rocket, nashi pear & fior di latte salad (gf)$28


  • Southern Burger: Fried chicken with bacon, hot sauce, cheese, slaw & chipotle aioli served with a side of chips$21
  • Woodlands Burger: Beef burger cooked medium w cheddar, tomato, lettuce, house made pickles, aioli & special sauce served w a side of chips$21
  • Vegan Burger: ‘Beyond Meat’ vegan patty w miso aioli, lettuce, house made pickles & grilled red onion served w a side of chips (VG)$22
  • All burgers can be made vegetarian with ‘Beyond Meat’ vegan patty $22
  • Extras: Gluten free bun (VG) $1, Bacon $2, Cheese $1, Jalapenos $1


  • 300g 1824 rare breed porterhouse $30
  • 300g Darling Downs wagyu rump $35
  • 450g Gippsland grass fed angus ribeye $48

All steaks cooked to your liking. Served with your choice of gravy, peppercorn, mushroom, salsa verde or blue cheese sauce & two complimentary sides (add house made hot sauce, house made beer mustard, hot english mustard or dijon mustard as well - if you’re keen)


  • Chips with garlic aioli & tomato sauce (lg)(v)$8
  • Creamy mashed potatoes topped with roasted garlic & chives (gf)(v) $9
  • Mixed leaf salad with cherry tomato, radish, red onion & sherry vinaigrette (gf)(VG) $8
  • Kung pao fried brussel sprouts w sesame seeds (VG)(lg)$9
  • Sautéed broccoli w herbed breadcrumbs (gf*)(VG)$9
  • Onion rings w horseradish aioli (v) $9


  • Selection of house made ice creams (gf)(v)$9
  • SOLD OUT -Chocolate & raspberry mousse w chantilly cream$14
  • Salted caramel cheesecake w ginger crumb and fresh berries (v)$13

Kids Menu

  • Kids cheeseburger: Beef burger with tomato sauce, cheese & lettuce served w fries$13
  • Grilled chicken tenders with sautéed vegetables (gf) $13
  • Kids parma or schnitzel with fries & salad$14

(gf)-gluten free (lg)-low gluten (v)-vegetarian (VG)-vegan (*)-can be made