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Beers on tap

  Region Alc % $Pot Pint Jug
Deeds Draught VIC 4.2% $6 $12 $22
A bright, clean and refreshing lager made with 20% maize adding a balanced creaminess to its crisp finish. Hopped with Mandarina Bavaria, evoking slight notes of mandarin oranges. Deeds Brewing founded in 2012 and located in Melbourne’s inner east were recently awarded 22 medals at the 2022 Australian International Beer Awards.
Two Birds ‘Sunset Ale’ Amber Ale VIC 5% $6.5 $13 $24
Two Birds Sunset Ale is brewed using a distinct combination of malts including pale, wheat and Crystal malts to provide the round, rich toffee notes. The addition of US Citra and Australian Cascade hops adds a twist of grapefruit and tropical notes to balance the biscuity malt base. This brew is round, rich and flavoursome.
Kaiju 'Krush' Tropical Pale Ale VIC 4.4% $6.5 $13 $24
A super-clean malt profile allows the shipload of juicy tropical fruit flavours to arrive on the desert island of your palate unhindered. After generations of KAIJU! interacting with the local flora, a new species arose. The FRUJUS found the balmy weather and laid-back pace in tropical climes to their liking, settling many remote islands, but always on guard for those who would seek to exploit their mouth-watering juiciness and impeccable balance.
The Mill Feathered Serpent Mexican Spiced Milk Stout VIC 5.5% $7 $14 $26
The base of Feathered Serpent is an English milk stout but combined with the flavours of Mexico. The additions of Cocoa, cinnamon and nutmeg sit atop a smooth and silky malt backbone and the addition of lactose amplifies the luxurious dark chocolatey tone. This was then balanced out by the addition of habenero and arbol chillies that provide a lingering heat and a beautiful depth of smokey, nutty, and peppery notes.
Moo Brew Pale TAS 4.9% $6.5 $13 $24
From the brewer – “The one explicitly referred to as our Pale Ale is a contemporary American style featuring US Centennial and Tasmanian grown Cascade hops. These hops offer a pungent floral and citrus aroma, with a satisfying dose of bitterness. The Pale Ale has a complex malt palate, with densely layered Dark Crystal and Carapils malts making for a flavoursome well-balanced beer.”
3 Ravens ‘Black’ Oatmeal Stout VIC 4.5% $6.5 $13 $24
A staple of 3 Ravens range since 2003, ‘Black’ is a smooth and silky stout with mild roast character and a creamy texture derived from oats. Now seasonally brewed to coincide with early winter, ‘Black’ was given a facelift in line with the breweries focus on fresh local malt and hops to enhance drinkability.
Fixation I.P.A. VIC 6.4% $7 $14 $26
Four different new world hop varieties have gone into this IPA at all stages of the brewing process to lend a big juicy, fruity aroma, robust flavour and firm bitterness. There is a clean malt backbone with a few specialty malts for good measure, just enough to carry the ridiculously large hopping regime!
Woodlands & Blackmans Hoppy Red Ale VIC 5.0% $6.5 $13 $24
A collaboration beer, brewed in Torquay, together with the Woodlands & Rainbow Hotel team. This hoppy red ale is packed with layers, upon layers of specialty malts, providing sweet toffee notes and a luscious malt body. A combination of Aussie Hops: Ella, Enigma & Eclipse deliver notes of citrus, red grape & pine. Sit back with your mates at the bar, or in the beer garden, and enjoy this winter session beer!
Napoleone Yarra Valley Apple Cider VIC 4.7% $6.5 $13 $24
A multi award winning cider, using a combination of apple varieties to deliver a unique flavour and the ideal balance of acidity, sweetness and tannins. Displaying bright aromas of crisp apple with subtle vanilla and cinnamon character from some minimal oak contact, this cider is still wonderfully refreshing with a clean, dry finish. Only available in the Beer Garden Container Bar.

Also a superb selection of single malts, spirits, aperitifs & liqueurs…



  • Jacquinet Blanc de Blanc, Nuits-Saint-Georges, France $10 / $45
  • Mad Fish Prosecco, Strathbogie, W.A.$48
  • Frank Bonville Grand Cru-Blanc de Blanc, Champagne, France$125
  • Prometheus Pet Nat, Riverland, S.A. $59

White Wine

  • Buller Wines RLB Chardonnay, Rutherglen, VIC$10 / $45
  • Mt Lofty Ranges Sauvignon Blanc, Adelaide Hills, S.A.$11 / $50
  • Vinaceous 'Sirenya' Pinot Gris, Mount Barker, W.A.$11 / $50
  • Precious Little Wines Riesling, Clare Valley, S.A.$12 / $55
  • Mad Fish Moscato, Margaret River, W.A.$10 / $45
  • Vandenberg Chardonnay, Adelaide Hills, S.A.$52
  • Santolin Wines ‘Cosa Nostra’ Pinot Gris, Yarra Valley, VIC$55
  • Chalk Hill Vermentino, McLaren Vale, S.A.$50
  • Leconfield Old Vines Riesling, Coonawarra, S.A.$62
  • Plums & Roses Sauvignon Blanc, Adelaide Hills, S.A. $50

Red Wine

  • Morin Père & Fils Rosé, Languedoc, France$10 / $45
  • ‘The Stray’ Malbec Cabernet Dolcetto, Langhorne Creek, S.A. $10 / $45
  • Gipsie Jack ‘The Terrier’ Shiraz Cabernet, Langhorne Creek, S.A. $11 / $50
  • 'Son of a Bull' Pinot Noir, Pipers River, TAS$12 / $55
  • Franca’s Sangiovese, Murray Darling, VIC$11 / $50
  • Monterra Shiraz, McLaren Vale, S.A.$11 / $50
  • Buller 'The Nook' Shiraz, Heathcote, VIC$53
  • Vinaceous ‘Red Right Hand’ Shiraz Grenache Tempranillo, Magaret River, W.A.$58
  • Prometheus Tinta Barroca, Riverland, S.A. $59
  • Buller ‘Balladeer’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Rutherglen, VIC $65
  • Broad Arrow Pinot Noir, Tamar Valley, TAS $65
  • Bartali Chianti (DOC), Tuscany, Italy $62


  • Marchand & Burch ‘Villages’ Chardonnay, 2021, Margaret River, W.A.$70
  • Santolin ‘Gladysdale’ Pinot Noir, 2018, Yarra Valley, VIC $85
  • Curator ‘Stone Well Vineyard’ Shiraz, 2016, Barossa Valley, S.A. $95
  • Leconfield Cabernet Sauvignon, 2019, Coonawarra, S.A. $85


  • Bloody Mary - Archie Rose Original Vodka, Jarnsaxa Doom Bloody Mary Mix$16
  • Espresso Martini- Seven Seeds coffee, Archie Rose Original Vodka, Coffee liqueur$16
  • Margarita - Tequila Tromba Blanco, Central Coast lime juice, Agave$16
  • Negroni - Never Never Distilling Co Triple Juniper Gin, Campari, Mancino Vermouth Rosso$16
  • Pineapple Daiquiri - Plantation Stiggins Fancy Pineapple Rum, lime juice, agave syrup$16

"In collaboration with the world’s best crafted spirits, to deliver an unrivalled quality in every can. The taste of a perfectly composed Curatif cocktail is an unparalleled flavour, a unique moment, one you’ll never forget."

From the Fridge

NON ALCOHOLIC Region Style Alc % Size $Price
Holgate 'Love All' VIC Pale Ale 0.5% 330ml $8
Molly Rose 'Strawberry Sublime' Gose VIC Gose 0.5% 375ml $9
Mornington 'Free' VIC XPA 0.5% 375ml $8
LAGER Region Style Alc % Size $Price
2 Brothers Kung Foo VIC Lager 4.6% 330ml $9
Better Beer N.S.W. Zero Carb Lager 4.2% 355ml $9
Carlton Draught VIC Lager 4.6% 375ml $9
Cascade Premium Light VIC Light Strength Lager 2.6% 375ml $8
Melbourne Bitter VIC Lager 4.7% 375ml $9
Molly Rose Radler VIC Mandarin Lager 2.8% 375ml $10
Wayward Pilsner N.S.W. Pilsner 4.2% 375ml $10
PALE ALE, I.P.A. & X.P.A. Region Style Alc % Size $Price
3 Ravens 'New World' IPA VIC I.P.A 5.8% 375ml $11
Bentspoke 'Red Nut' A.C.T. Red I.P.A. 7% 375ml $14
Bridge Road 'Little Bling' VIC Mid Strength I.P.A. 3.4% 355ml $9
Fixation 'Little Ray' I.P.A. N.S.W Hazy I.P.A. 5.2% 375ml $10
Fury & Son Double IPA VIC Double IPA 8% 375ml $16
Fury & Son 'Hazy Mid' VIC Mid Strength Pale Ale 3.5% 375ml $8.5
Two Bays X.P.A. (gf) VIC Gluten Free X.P.A. 5% 375ml $10
Venom Golden Ale VIC Golden Ale 4.8% 330ml $9
AMBER, RED & DARKER STYLES Region Style Alc % Size $Price
Bridge Road Robust Porter VIC Porter 5.2% 330ml $10
Exit Brewing Milk Stout VIC Milk Stout 5.2% 375ml $10
Fury & Son Chocolate Chilli Stout VIC Chilli Stout 7% 375ml $13
Fury & Son Red Ale VIC Red Ale 5.3% 375ml $12
Hard Road Chestnut Brown VIC Brown Ale 5.2% 375ml $12
Holgate 'Temptress' VIC Chocolate Porter 6% 330ml $11
Hop Nation 'The Buzz' American Red VIC American Red Ale 6% 375ml $11
Little Creatures 'Rogers' W.A. Mid Strength Amber Ale 3.8% 330ml $8
Molly Rose 'Kuro' Japanese Dark lager VIC Dark Lager 6.0% 375ml $12
Two Birds 'Sunset' Ale VIC Amber Ale 4.6% 375ml $9
SOUR & GOSE Region Style Alc % Size $Price
3 Ravens 'Acid' VIC Original Sour Ale 3.5% 330ml $9.5
Bad Shepherd Passionfruit Sour VIC Sour Ale 4% 355ml $9
Future Mountain ‘A Million Stars’ VIC Dark Farmhouse Ale 5.5% 750ml $26
Future Mountain ‘Space Travel’ VIC Oak Smoked Wheat & Peach Farmhouse Ale 4.8% 750ml $38
Holgate Blush VIC Berry Sour Ale 4.6% 375ml $10
Hop Nation 'The Punch' VIC Mango Gose 4% 375ml $11
Stomping Ground 'Watermelon Smash' VIC Fruited Sour 4.2% 355ml $9
Two Bays Margarita Sour (gf) VIC Gluten Free Sour 3.8% 375ml $14
Vale Gin Sour S.A. Sour Ale 4% 375ml $9
Wayward Raspberry Berliner Weisse N.S.W. Fruited Sour 3.8% 375ml $10
Wildflower 'St Phoebe' N.S.W. Raspberry Wild Ale 5.6% 375ml $20
CIDERS & GINGER BEER Region Style Alc % Size $Price
Little Dragon N.S.W. Ginger Beer 4% 330ml $9
Hills Cider 'Tropical Sour' Cider S.A. Mango & Pineapple Cider 8% 375ml $11
Mercury Draught Cider TAS Medium Apple Cider 5.2% 375ml $9
Napoleone Apple Cider VIC Apple Cider 4.7% 330ml $10
Napoleone Pear Cider VIC Pear Cider 4.9% 330ml $10
Tumut River 'Ginja Ninja' VIC Ginger Beer 5.3% 375ml $10
Willie Smith Organic Apple Cider TAS Organic Apple Cider 5.4% 355ml $11
SELTZERS Region Style Alc % Size $Price
Ray Lemon & Lime Hard Seltzer VIC Alcoholic Sparkling Water 4.5% 330ml $10
Ray Peach Hard Seltzer VIC Alcoholic Sparkling Water 4.5% 330ml $10
Ray Watermelon & Mint Hard Seltzer VIC Alcoholic Sparkling Water 4.5% 330ml $10